13 October, 2016


Hi guys!!!

I hope you are well?

My most popular blog post to date is my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream swatches from 2012! Back then I only had 10 shades and now I have 32 so this updated collection post had been a long time coming. There are a few shades I don't have as unfortunately we can't get all the newer colours in the UK - boo! Not only have I swatched all the colours for you but I have also filmed a swatch video on my channel so you can get a better view of the shade being worn.

I absolutely love NYX SMLCs so much and wear them every day and those who personally know me are probably sick and tired of hearing me rave about them so much. Even my collegues have picked up on my habit of popping to Selfridges every week in search for another lippy. It's not my fault Selfridges never restock properly - I have been WAITING MONTHS for Dubai and still no luck!

Anyway, here are the swatches on me in natural daylight. My all time favourite shades are Antwerp and Cannes. The perfect pink and nude for Indian/Asian skin-tone like mine.

Please watch my swatch video below, hit like and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already.

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27 March, 2016


Artis brushes have been on my wishlist ever since they became popular with all the youtube beauty gurus so when I received them from my best friend for my birthday I was jumping for joy! Before taking the brushes out of their packaging I had a good stare at the beautiful shiny mirrored handles, ever so afraid of getting my finger prints all over it! The handles have a rubberised grip on the front and back so are easy to hold onto whilst applying makeup. They are very sturdy and have the softest bristles ever. The brushes are available to purchase singly or in a set of 3 or 5 from Net-A-Porter.
Love, Naheeda x

07 February, 2016


As far as powder contour kits go, the NYX  Highlight & Contour Pro Palette one is the one to own. I have tried a fair few brands for comparison and have found that this one is most suited to my skin tone. They shades blend effortlessly and give an even non-cakey finish making you photo ready for any occasion. I also find that they are perfect to set cream contour - doing this achieves an airbrushed effect so if you haven't try it do it now (well not right now) and you'll be amazed at the results.
Available to buy from Boots online and Selfridges online and in-store! Swatches below. Love, Naheeda x

13 October, 2015


Why I haven't tried these sooner I'll never know but what I do know is I won't be trying any other lip liners because these NYX soft lip pencils are frankly the bomb. They glide on as smoothly as butter and stay on all day (although a little touch up is always needed after food). Better than MAC. Swatches below xx

11 October, 2015


Hi Guys!
I have been wanting to dye my hair blue, green and pink (not together!) for some time now but I just can't risk damaging my overly bleached hair even more. By chance I saw these coloured hair chalks whilst shopping in Primark last week and had to try them out. 
To anyone thinking of purchasing Primark hair chalk:
If you have blonde to medium brown hair then go for it as the colours have a better chance of showing up. My hair is currently red so the pink and green didn't show up at all but the blue and purple seemed to show quite well. I have no idea if any of the colours would be visible on my natural black hair so if you have dark hair be sure to check out some reviews first! The product is quite messy as the chalk gets all over your fingers and clothes so be sure to wear an old top that you don't mind getting dirty. The hair chalk is temporary and only lasts for the duration of your day/night out and washes away with water. Please watch the video above and let me know if you have any questions. 
Love, Naheeda xx