I am so excited about NYX's Soft Matte Lip Creams that I had to by all 13 shades. They are highly pigmented, apply smoothly onto the lips and have a pleasant scent to them. Neither lip gloss nor lipstick, these lip creams are so moisturising and creamy - it's like you're applying butter cream onto your lips! 
From swatching them on my arm I instantly knew that the lighter colours wouldn't suit my tanned Asian skin tone. Have a look at the lip swatches below:
Monte Carlo - The darkest of the two reds which reminds of Limecrime's Red Velvet or MAC's Prolong. It's a really bold and show-off colour and ideal for a night out.
Amsterdam - A beautiful scarlet red. Easy to wear and suits all skin tones.
Addis Ababa - A fun, girly and vibrant fushia pink.
San Paulo - My favourite shade of all, a beautiful dark pink well suited to my skin tone.

Antwerp - Very similar to San Paulo but a shade lighter. Very pretty and perfect for everyday wear. It's almost like a tinted lip balm.
Milan & Istanbul - Both of theses shades look identical on my arm swatches but are different when applied to the lips. Istanbul is slightly paler and looks a little too light for my skin tone. Milan is a pretty 'can't go wrong' pink.
Sydney - This is a very pale pink and looks terrible on me! However if I apply it lightly and go over it will clear lip gloss it could actually look very nice. It reminds me of pink roses.
Tokyo - Another pale pink that would suit better with clear gloss or could be mixed with a darker colour!
London - The lightest of all the nudes and looks quite chalky but will look great with a 'bronzed' look.
Abu Dhabi - Darker than London and a perfect neutral shade for skin tones darker than mine.
Stockholm - A nude with a hint of pink. Perfect for everyday wear.
Buenos Aires - Looks like peachy orange colour on my arm but looks nude when applied lightly. I can imagine it would look great on pale skin tones.
NYX lip creams retail at an affordable £5.50 (hence me buying all the colours) and are apparently now available in Next stores! My sister bought me some shades from America and I purchased the rest online direct from NYX.

Have you tried NYX's lip creams and what colours do you like the most?

PS. I just noticed that I spelt Istanbul wrong on ALL the pictures!!! I honestly thought it was INstanbul!

Love, Naheeda x


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