08 December, 2013


I went to Xanadu Island in Bodrum in Septempter and completely forgot to share my pictures with you (unless you follow me in Instagram). Well better late than never!
Loving my tan and the lunch buffet - looking back now the amount of food on my plate is so embarrassing!!

The huge outdoor infinity pool and view of the resort.
Beautiful deep blue sea.
The private pebbled beach.
Just spreading the love.
I made some friends at the resort and here they are enjoying the bread from the buffet - or are they fighting?
Beachy waves with a little help from some salt spray.
On the terrace, overlooking the sea.
Sis and I at dinner.
My friend and I beside the beautifully lit pool.
The beautifully lit palm trees at night.
How pretty is this tea cart?
Turkish tea anyone?
Eyes too big for my belly.
A bit of everything from the buffet!
Well we wouldn't want it to go to waste would we?
More dessert.
Even more dessert.
Pretty in pink.
Stunning sea view through the cliffs.
To top it all off we were lucky enough to have a room with a sunset view!


  1. Beautiful pictures and seems like you had a really great time out there. The food though, thanks to you am now VERY hungry haha

  2. Beautiful photos. Love the one with the pebbles in the shape of a heart. I just followed you on bloglovin so you will be seeing me around!