08 April, 2013


I'm not one for bright or bold eye shadows but when it comes to nude shades I feel obliged to make a purchase. Nude eye shadows are brilliant for every day wear and when you're channeling the I'm-not-wearing-that-much-make-up 'natural' look.

The palette is much smaller than I imagined it to be! For some reason I thought it would be just a little bit smaller than the NAKED palettes even though they have double the amount of shadows. It's very small and compact - perfect to put in your handbag or a large clutch. It includes 6 shades; the lightest being a shimmery cream colour graduating to an almost black dark brown. The lighter shades can be used as a highlighter and the darker ones for a beautiful smokey eye.

I am very impressed with the high pigment in the shadows but I haven't worn them out yet so I don't know how they'll stay. Although, when I rubbed the swatches off my arm the two dark shades (Crave and Faint) left a stain but the others came right off. The palette retails at £20.00 which I think is a fair price to pay you will make good use out of it. I know I will!


  1. I think the price of this is really good! really trying to stop myself from getting it though as I already have far too many eyeshadows!
    hareem x

  2. I've been holding off on buying this for so long but I think I might have to take the plunge and get it soon. I have lots of neutral eyeshadows but they're mostly shimmery so this would be nice to balance them out.

    Sharon x

  3. I had mine and returned it, it was too similar to everything else I own, it is great quality though!

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